1st week check in

How did your first week back to school go? Did your pre-planning work?

Don’t feel bad if it didn’t. Sometimes planning and organizing doesn’t work right out of the gate. And it feels frustrating and makes you want to give up. But don’t.

Here’s a secret – planning and organizing is fluid, like a river. Constantly changing and evolving. Try a method out for a couple of weeks. Then, even if it works, tweak it. Your organizing has to be able to adapt to your changing lifestyle. Things come up and all of a sudden, planning goes out the window.

If you fall off the planning wagon, don’t give up and throw the entire experience out the window. Get back on it and start back with baby steps until you are back to where you were. You didn’t all of a sudden become a planning and organizing badass did you? (If you did, what’s your secret?) So it’s fair to say and getting back into your groove is going to take a little time. Be patient with yourself.

Even as I’m writing this, I have to remind myself to be patient. I’ve been sick with some sort of bronchial crud the past week. I took myself away from my computer and my planner to focus on getting better and not doing too much. I’m feeling more human and able to work on the computer for little spurts of time, but nowhere near where I was. And I’m getting frustrated with myself. But I have to remember I’m not 100% yet and these things take time.

So be good to yourself. Don’t give up.

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