20 minute challenge

I was getting set to boil some eggs to have with my salad tonight and I had a brilliant thought. This is something I do a lot. When I’m cooking something that doesn’t need my supervision, ie eggs, pizza, taco hot dish, etc., I set my timer and I do a quick clean up. It is so effective and helps me feel productive. I even do it when I’m just microwaving something.

Think about it – what do you usually do during that time? Stand around in the kitchen? Sit down and watch tv? What if you used this time to multitask and try to get something cleaned up and organized.

What did I do in the 20 minutes it took to cook my eggs? Yes, 20 minutes. My mom taught me the secret years ago for good eggs. Put the eggs in a cold pot. Add cold water. Then put on the stove and set a timer for 20 minutes. Perfect hardboiled eggs every time. You don’t have to stand over it and wait for it to boil and then add the eggs.

Okay, enough of my recipes. In the time it took me to make eggs, I went through a box of stuff I had taken out of my car. I got my car detailed last weekend and in anticipation, I cleaned everything out. And I mean everything! Took the box into my house and it has been sitting on my counter for a week. I went through it today. Some things went back in the car. Some got trashed. Some got put away in the proper place. And I’m talking a paper box full of stuff. Just went through one piece at a time and made a decision.

I still had enough time to load up the dishwasher and clean up the counters a little. And bam! My eggs were done and I feel better that I got something done.

What about those of us who have kids hanging all over us and demanding our attention? Easy! Have them help. Tell them “We are going to do a 20 minute clean up. I hand you something and tell you where to put it.” Try to make it into a game. It will distract the kids for a few minutes and give you some extra hands to clean up.

What can you do in 20 minutes (or however long it takes for your food to cook)? Note: This only works if you are making a meal that can be left alone while it cooks!

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