A Time for Everything

We’ve talked about the different ways your can organize your schedule and notes, and why you should write things down. But we haven’t discussed when.

When is probably the biggest obstacle to people truly getting organized. “When do I have the time? I’m so busy running to activities, I don’t sit down until just before bed.”

I’ve talked in depth in earlier posts the importance of taking time to look at your schedule for the week and for the day. If you have to, schedule it in as an activity. You’ll find it’s easier to find the time to look at your weekly schedule the more times you do it. And soon, it will be a habit. A good one.

I usually sit with my planner on Sunday nights and then again on Fridays during my afternoon break. I need to see what I have planned for the weekend, and what I have planned for the next week. I then go over the schedule with my son, even though he has a copy on his phone.

I’m trying to get him into the habit of adding groceries to the list before Friday so I can set up a grocery pick up. This will save money on spur of the moment items and save me about an hour on Fridays. Which is important during competition season. So far, no luck.

We don’t meal plan so much as decide what I’m cooking on the weekend so we have leftovers. Let me tell you – leftovers are the best! Still the same nutritious food as I make on the weekend, only takes less time. I know a lot of families who do meal prep on the weekends to save time.

The same concept can be used to planning your week. Doesn’t matter if you have a digital calendar, a monthly calendar on the wall or a planner you carry with you and write things down. Take the time. Deadlines are less likely to sneak up on you and you’ll be less likely to double book yourself. And you’ll have enough time to RSVP no to your second cousin’s 2nd wedding shower. Because, well, I have to be at (insert child activity).

Sometimes it takes as little as 10 minutes a day. Do it over your lunch break or with a glass of wine right before bed. Highly successful people take the time every day to look over their schedule, making notes and changes. Let’s see – can’t make knit night this week because I have a dentist appointment. Better let the girls know so they don’t worry.

Make an appointment with yourself. Schedule a family meeting with popcorn, just before you all watch a movie together on family night. You don’t need a personal assistant to keep track of your schedule. Even if you aren’t the most organized person in the world – you can learn.

Today’s challenge – schedule an appointment every day this week for 5 minutes to look at the next day’s schedule. Put it in your phone so it alerts you that it’s time to look at your schedule. Keep the appointment with yourself and celebrate with a healthy treat afterwards (because food is still a powerful incentive and motivator).

And let me know how you’re doing!


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