Am I Wonder Woman?

I’ve been asked this several times. Are you Wonder Woman? Do you sleep? How do you do it all and stay organized?

For the record – I do sleep. I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night and on the weekends I do stay in bed until 9, maybe 10 and I take naps when I feel like it. Which, during the winter, seems like a brilliant idea. Hello – bears have the right idea.

Here’s a typical weekday for me: Roll out of bed at 6 after hitting the snooze bar way too many times. Shower, dress, pack a lunch, make sure I have a planner, and out the door by 6:30. I have a no fuss haircut that I can wash and let air dry, I don’t wear makeup and very little jewelry. I’m not a fashion icon.

I’m at work from 7 until 3:30. I utilize my breaks to work on my businesses and answer emails and Facebook. Or I work on my son’s socks. I’m knitting him a pair of socks for his clogging routine.

As soon as 3:30 rolls around, I’m out the door and heading home. Sometimes I have to stop by the store, but I’m usually home by 4:30. I eat dinner early and get back to work by 5:00 . But this work is fun.

I have my planner and I work on my to do list. Answer emails. Package and send out boxes. I try to spend a little time each day on all my businesses. I don’t think about the day job – that part is neatly compartmentalized and shut away from the day. All day I’m writing notes for new products or adding to my to do list.

Here’s the thing – there’s always tomorrow. I don’t stress about my to do list. If I don’t finish everything, I can always do it tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day full of possibilities. Today, I’m working on things on my Wednesday to do list. Why? Because I had a custom order to work on and nothing else got done. Am I concerned? No!

I am usually in bed by 9:30. Computer shut down, lights dimmed and I’m reading for half an hour to an hour. Or playing a game that both stimulates my brain and relaxes me.

Remember how I said I always have my planner open and I’m always reviewing it – The review of my schedule calms me. I know what I’m supposed to do every day, and my brain is constantly working. I don’t feel stressed. Any ideas I have get written down for review at a later date when I have time. I am on my own time schedule for things to do with my businesses and my life.

But this is how my brain works. Not everyone’s brain works the same. The key to being highly productive and successful is to find out how your brain works. This may involve trying a bunch of things. If one method doesn’t work for you, don’t consider it a failure. It is a learning opportunity! Your brain is constantly learning and adapting.

I tried several versions of my planner until I found one that works for how my brain works. The other versions were not failures and I still have copies of them. But they wouldn’t work for me. I don’t dwell on why they didn’t work. I rejoice at finding a format that helps me compartmentalize and see the past, present and future. Some people don’t compartmentalize and there is nothing wrong with that! There is no wrong or right way to organize your life.

There are always going to be professional organizers out there who try to steer you to their method. I’m no different. I want to work with you, however, to become your best self. If that’s keeping your finances organized so you can plan a monster trip or buy a house, I have tools for that. If you want to organize your day so you aren’t forgetting a child’s activity, I can design a planner and work with you to customize that daily layout.

I’m not Wonder Woman. I sometimes feel overwhelmed and I have to take a step back and decompress. Take a deep breath and reevaluate. I know my limitations and know what methods work for me. My greatest wish is for you to reach your own version of Wonder Woman so that your friends are in sheer awe of you and your organizational skills.

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