Challenge Time – Email Clean-Up

We all do it. We save emails that clog up our inbox. We forget to delete stuff. But, if you’re like me and use your email to keep track of orders or bills that need to be paid, or projects that still need to be done, this email can easily become an uncontrollable beast. And I have 4 email addresses that I keep up with on a regular basis.

So last night, I took the time and I started purging emails. Ones I didn’t need anymore. Some emails (for bills) I printed and filed away. Others I answered and others just got tossed in the virtual recycle bin. It feels so good! Seriously, why have I not done this before? I try to, but as always, I get distracted by an email I find.

So I’d like to challenge you – clean up your emails! Seriously go through your emails and if you still need it, keep it. Or print it and file it. If not – just delete it.

And if anyone knows of how to make gmail act like Outlook where I can put emails in different file folders, let me know. Because all the emails in 1 file are making my head spin.


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