Email Clean Up – Step 1

So I figured out how I’m going to organize my emails. And it’s simpler than you may think. Or not. I might have yelled at the computer multiple times. But then again, I’m not the most computer savvy of people out there.

I love using Outlook at work. I mean, love. Sorry, I’m a Microsoft girl. And I’ve always wanted Outlook at home. I know that I can manage more than 1 email account through Outlook. So, after some research (ie asking my brother), I finally figured out how to load my Gmail accounts into Outlook. Now, I wanted to be able to do folders for bills and such, something I can’t do on the Gmail platform (or at least I haven’t figured out how to do it). Then I looked at my inbox for my first account – almost 30,000 emails. What??!!!! I can’t possible have that many. Then I realized that Gmail sorts your emails into primary, promotions, and social. And I never check the last two and delete those emails. So I spent a good part of yesterday deleting those emails and constantly emptying my trash can. Now, I have a manageable bunch of emails that still need to be sorted.

But, I keep getting these promotions emails. You know, the ones you get after you shop online that you never unsubscribe to. I knew I was heading into a major problem.

So, step 1 – unsubscribe to the promotions emails as they come in. Or, if you get a ton, unsubscribe to about 5 to 10 a day. Soon, you will be getting fewer emails. So you can go through more emails further down your list and unsubscribe.

That’s step 1. Stop the influx.

Now, obviously you want to keep the promotions emails you actually respond to and use. Like for me, it’s Joann’s emails. Gotta have my coupons. Or the RSS feeds of blogs you read. But you can get rid of the emails for the websites you don’t actually shop at except maybe once in a blue moon. You can always google website coupons for that site at Christmas. Whatever works for you.

You don’t have to unsubscribe all of them in one sitting. Unless you are super focused and don’t have any kids wanting your attention NOW. Oh, wait, that’s me. 🙂 If it seems to be too much, just give yourself 15 minutes. In that 15 minutes, unsubscribe to 5 email lists. Then walk away from the computer. Take a breath.

Why do you want to do this? Unsubscribe to these email lists, I mean. Because one of two things will happen. You get so inundated with emails that you start getting serious anxiety from the sheer amount of unopened email. (Been there, done that) Or, you start haphazardly deleting emails that you accidentally delete something important from your child’s PTA about head lice. Or a Bake sale. We’ll go with bake sale.

Stay sane. Delete the emails at a responsible rate and start unsubscribing to stuff you could care less about.

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