Gimme an Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!

Ever walk into your house when it’s clean and just get an “Aaaahhhhh” feeling? Like the world’s stresses just melt away because you can plop on the couch and not see clutter everywhere?

I have not had that feeling for awhile, but after this weekend, my house is going to be spotless and Aaaaahhhh wonderful. Right before my son comes home from his dad’s to start a new school year.

I’ve booked a cleaning service and a carpet cleaner for this weekend. I’m so excited!!!!  Yes, it is a chunk of change that will be spent, but it will be so worth it. Just to have a nice, clean house that I can work with to keep organizing. I swear, seeing dust and dirty carpet is enough to derail my grand plans for the house sometimes.

Seriously, have you ever felt that way? When the mess feels more than you can handle? It is so much easier to upkeep a house that is clean. At least in my opinion. And, I’m able to see the possibilities of improving my organization when I’m not distracted by dirt.

Now, I’m not a complete neat freak. Oh no! My house is “Lived In” clean – meaning it is picked up for the most part. I don’t go around dusting every week or washing the windows. I have better ways to spend my time. But, I like the house to be presentable just in case my son brings home friends or Mom stops by unannounced. (she’d never do that)

But sometimes, you just have to either break down and do the dusting once in awhile and at least get rid of the visible cobwebs. Or, if you don’t have time, hire someone to do it and support your local businesses. And for sure, you need to get your carpets cleaned every once in awhile beyond the vacuuming. Not only will it extend the life of your carpet, but your house will smell fresher, too.

That Aaaaahhhhh! feeling.

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