Happy National Handwriting Day!

Yes, it’s a thing. Growing up, I always had to practice my handwriting. It was what you did in elementary school. We had just started getting into the digital age when I entered high school and the teachers were requiring typed papers instead of handwritten ones, I but I still remember the days of needing clean edge papers to hand in homework. The teachers even had one of those guillotine paper cutters for kids who’s parents would not buy the fancy notebooks. For the record – those fancy notebooks fell apart way too easy.

But you had to have legible handwriting for the teacher to be able to read your papers and check for spelling mistakes. And yes, we were graded on our handwriting and mine was not up to par. So I practiced.

When my son was in elementary school, emphasis was not placed on handwriting. And try as I could, I could not get him to sit down and practice his handwriting. “Mom – we don’t need to do that. The teacher doesn’t grade us on handwriting.” “All of our tests are on the tablets.” “Why do I need to write a rough draft? I’ll just type it.” Mind you, I still type faster than my son, but then again, I had the benefit of learning to type fast thanks to procrastinating through an English degree in college. 10 page paper in 4 hours or less. And…..Go!

Even now, when I told him it was National Handwriting Day, he closed his door and said his American Lit teacher made them write a paragraph in class. Kids today.

But for those of us who have planners and practice our handwriting on a regular basis – Yay!!!!! Or if you have bullet journals or you want to learned stylized handwriting or calligraphy because nib pens are soooooooo cool. This is our day!

Celebrate it! Write a letter or a postcard or a thank you note.

Until next time!


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