It’s Been Awhile…..

OMG – It’s been awhile since I posted. But for very good reasons.

I have been purging up a storm. My family had a garage sale a couple weekends ago and I got rid of a lot of stuff. And made some money, which is always a good thing. But the purging hasn’t stopped. And, to top it off, I’ve been helping my mom sell off her Longaberger baskets. She was a consultant for over 10 years and has quite the collection. She’s no longer doing it, so I’m helping her sell off what she doesn’t want to keep.

Purging – not just for your household.

And the amazing thing – I’m shipping something almost every day. (I don’t think my postman likes me.) I’ll give him some homemade caramel puff corn this winter.

Then, last weekend, I decided that I need to create a photo booth in my craft room. The only place it can go – the closet, which is full of craft stuff and finished products. Where to put it? In my bedroom closet (which is a walk in and has tons of room). So I emptied both closets, moved the photography set up from my son’s room (I’m going to use the space while he’s gone) to my craft room closet and started the Great Purge of my closet – clothes I no longer wear, purses, shoes, etc. I still haven’t gone through everything, but now at least I can go through it in bite sized chunks. Just take one item at a time.

So much work, so little time. I swear! I get some sleep and I do take breaks. Like now. Life is good and I feel better every time I send something out.

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about Facebook buy/sell groups. It’s fun. I promise.

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