New Month, New You!

The beginning of the month is usually when people start new habits or projects. It’s no different for me. Today I launched the shop section of my website with new, never before seen products from Rae Organizing You.

First, I’m offering accountability coaching. Do you want to start a new habit? Having trouble implementing self-care in your life? I can help. You’ll receive a 30 minute phone call with me where we discuss what you’d like to start. Then, you’ll receive 4 weeks of follow up from me. And multiple encouraging texts, emails, Facebook messages. I believe in you and know you can do this. Sometimes we just need a little help.

Second, I designed a Bill Organizing Spreadsheet. No, I don’t organize people named Bill. This is for you – your monthly bills, grocery budget, income streams, even a section for savings accounts. No more fumbling while you’re on the phone with a financial aid person asking you how much your monthly bills are. You’ll know exactly. And it’s so user friendly. I’ve been testing this for over a year and a half, trying to make it perfect for you. I’ll even customize it for you!

So much going on this month. I’m purging my house and selling things I don’t need or throwing them out. Trust me, I wouldn’t challenge you to do something I’m not willing to do myself.

Within the next week, I’ll be moving my planner pages from Etsy to this website. Nothing against Etsy. I do very well on my knitting/crocheting shop, but this isn’t the right venue for my planning and organizing products. I want more options to reach out to you, my customers and friends. I would do it today (and may do it later tonight), but I need to practice my self-care today. So I’m going to sit and work on some latex free water balloons. They are one item I offer on my other Facebook page and they are selling so quickly. The heat and humidity this summer are good for business.

Take care of yourselves! Enjoy today!

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