November already?

OMG! It’s November already! Where did the time go?

I can tell you where it went – School started, Dance started and I’ve been at my computer every weekend selling stuff. Not to mention working overtime at my day job. And I’m trying to re-organize things on my computer, started using Outlook (still not through all my old emails yet, but getting there) and organizing the house.

Halloween has come and gone. It’s time to start thinking about the holidays. Time to start shopping for your nearest and dearest, planning feasts and decorating.

I’m also coming to the end of my first year of using my new planner. I’m constantly updating it. Which is fine. That’s what I love about my planner. I can update it, re-arrange it and make it work for me. My brain is evolving constantly. I definitely feel more organized than I was a  year ago. I feel I have a better handle on my schedule and my to do lists. Which is a wonderful thing if you think about how many things I have going on at once.

Okay, so if you’ve read my previous blog posts (which I know, I don’t keep up on as much as I want to – Life!), I was talking about email clean up. Hopefully, you’ve been unsubscribing to email lists you don’t have the time to read or don’t care about. You just signed up to get that 10% off your order. Not judging – we all do it. Hopefully you are further along than I am. (I’ve done 2 of the 4).

So hopefully your inbox doesn’t seem as crazy and overwhelming with all the information coming at you.

Step 2 is to organize the emails you have left.

As I said before, I love Outlook. It makes sense to me and I can organize my emails into nice, neat little folders. I’ve heard you can do the same with other email providers, such as Mozilla Thunderbird. My friend Anita swears by it.

With Outlook, I started creating folders for different aspects of my life. Compartmentalizing, if you will. Each bill gets its own folder so I can keep track of when I’ve paid things. Stuff for Josh for school. Family events. The Etsy business. I could go on and on. But that’s how my brain works. I have to compartmentalize everything so I can switch gears and know what I have to do. Put everything in nice, neat little folders.

Funny thing – as I was going through emails, I found old story notes I had taken. I used to be an aspiring fiction writer. Never published. But I have an overactive imagination and I liked to write stories. I’m looking at some of the writing I did even 5 years ago and WOW have my viewpoints changed. One of these days I might start writing again. I truly enjoyed it. But I just don’t have the time. I even texted a friend who I used as a sounding board for some of my work. He said “Whatever happened to that story?” Um, it evolved and changed and I still have everything for it. I just haven’t worked on it for a few years. Still think about it every now and again.

Okay, so now the challenge is to put your email into folders. Organize bills and personal emails so you can find things. And still, unsubscribe to junk email and delete things that no longer apply to your life. Like, when you pay a bill – put that email into a folder once it is paid. How you organize your folders is up to you. Whether you like to organize it by month so you see all the bills you paid in a month, or organize it by the bill (cable, phone, electricity, rent, etc). Then, set up a time schedule to delete those emails. Delete after 3 years? 5? Whatever you think will keep you organized.

This will especially help you if you have a small business. This will help you so orders don’t get lost or forgotten. With Outlook, I know you can streamline your inbox and set it up so new emails automatically go into certain folders. Give me a little time and I can figure out how to do this.

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