Plan your week

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Today I want to talk about planning your week. You need to set aside time one day a week to really go over what is coming up in the next week. I set aside Sundays to do this, usually over breakfast. I review appointments scheduled, make sure it matches up to my shared online calendar with my son and figure out if my weekly tasks need to be amended.

For example – I usually do my laundry on Sundays and my son does his on Saturdays. I also make my lunches for the week on Sundays. Grocery shop on Fridays after work.

This week, however, that may not work. Tuesday we have dance, Thursday we have dentist appointments and Friday through Sunday we have spring recital. And my son has to choreograph a hip hop routine for his video auditions for dance. We are a little busy this week.

But, because I regularly review my calendar, I know these things are coming up. Working around appointments is no big deal.

Schedule a time every week to review your calendar. This can be flexible. Do you want your week to start or end on the weekend? Do you focus better in the morning or the evening? What works best for you? If you have to, write this as an appointment in your calendar. Always add new appointments/tasks during the week, then take one day to look at everything for the coming week and plan. Set it in your mind. And only take one week at a time. At least for now. And when you are doing this, make sure you are reviewing every family member’s schedule to make sure there aren’t any conflicts.


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