Planner Peace

Hello, hello! It’s finally spring! Sort of – a little cold and rainy over here in MN.

I was working on my planner today (of course I was working on my planner) and I just had this feeling of calm. I had printed out my daily pages for May and was filling them out – adding stickers and writing out appointments. And I was smiling the entire time. Having a planner makes me happy!

But that’s the type of person I am. I love the minimalist features of my planner – I get to dress it up (or not dress it up) as much as I want. I recently starting using my own stickers that I made and I find it fun. My stickers are just like my planner – minimalist. A color and a word. That’s all I need to draw my eye to an important event.

Take these for example – These are dance activity stickers. My son’s a dancer and these help tell me on my monthly calendar and the daily calendar when we have a dance class or project. Easy to read, just a simple rectangle. And it fits in the blocks on my monthly calendar and in between the lines on my daily pages.

I’ve added a lot of new stickers to the shop section. And I’m having so much fun making them.

The point is, I’ve found planner peace. And I couldn’t be happier for it. And I’m happier because I created it and if I become unhappy with my current spread, I can always change it. I love having an adaptable planner like that.

Maybe I could help you find planner peace?

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