Planning Ahead

I was sitting yesterday planning out September. Printing my daily pages and entering everything I need to remember for the month. And syncing that with the Google calendar I share with my son.

Taking this time out once a month to pre-plan the next month helps me realize what needs to get done when. I usually grocery shop on Fridays after work. But if we have an activity, I may have to switch that to Saturday. Saturday is laundry day. Sometimes that gets moved to the weekdays.

Planning ahead allows me to be flexible if something unexpected comes up. Like an extra dance practice. Or Mom needs me to help with yard work. Or, I can see if I need a day off work to take care of things that have fallen by the wayside because of a busy schedule.

By taking the time to look at your schedule ahead of time, you own your schedule. Your schedule doesn’t own you.

And remember – you can say no.

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