Habit Building – 30 minute coaching call with 4 weeks follow-up


Start a new habit. I believe you can do it!


Do you want to start a new, good habit? Do you want to start exercising? Or taking vitamins? How about daily self-care? Any good habit – I can help you.

I offer habit building and accountability coaching. I want to help you develop good habits and keep those habits – starting from day 1. We’ll start with a 30 minute phone call so I can learn what habit you want to develop, how you like to receive encouragement and to set up a follow up schedule. How are you going to keep this habit? You’ll receive a free, downloadable habit tracker for your own use, tailored to your needs. You will also receive 4 weeks of follow up – a weekly check-in and multiple encouraging emails or texts. You can also sign up for an additional 4 weeks of follow-up for only $20.00 to help you keep your habit.

I want you to succeed. This is your first step to achieving a more organized life to help you become the phenomenal person you were meant to be. Are you willing to take this journey? I am, and I’ll be with you every step of the way.


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