School lunches and meal planning

School’s just around the corner. What are your kids doing for lunch? Are they buying lunch from school? Or bringing their own?

My son (who is now 16), has been bringing his lunch to school for years. He does this for a number of reasons. 1) he knows what he gets to eat that day (because he packs it himself); 2) He doesn’t waste time in the lunch line when he could be spending time with his friends he doesn’t get to see that day; 3) There’s never a chance of a food allergy; 4) I never have to remember to put money in his lunch account.

Yes, Josh makes his own lunch. We go grocery shopping every week and it is his responsibility to tell me if he needs something. Like bread. Or lunch meat. If he forgets, it’s on him. I’m teaching him to be responsible and to plan ahead. We save so much money on school lunches by him packing them himself. And I’m teaching him to make his own choices. Anytime he wants to switch over and start getting school lunches, he just has to tell me. But he chooses to make his own.

I know, a lot of you make lunches for your kids. That’s great. This frees up a little time for me in the mornings because I don’t have to. But if you make your kids’ lunches, how much of it is planned out? Do you prep on the weekend? Cut up carrots or bell peppers? Put Goldfish in the little snack bags (unless you buy the pre-packaged ones). Is your pantry/fridge organized to the point that you can just open, grab, and go? Josh and I both have bins in our pantry that has our snacks in it. When it runs low, we buy and prep more. Half an hour (maybe) on the weekend saves so much frustration (and time) during the week.

Half the time, I think I lose time because I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off because I’m not organized. Staring off into space trying to remember where I put something I need RIGHT NOW, then losing that train of thought and trying to catch it again.

Trust me. You save so much time by prepping on the weekends or even the night before if you can.

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