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First – a disclaimer. I am in no way affiliated, employed or paid by Facebook for this post. This is my own observation and research.


Okay, I’m excited to share this with you. Have you been purging? Do you have a pile of stuff that you know someone out there wants and you don’t want to send it to Salvation Army or Goodwill (both of which do amazing things for your community). The best place I have found to sell your unwanted items is Facebook. I don’t mean to put ads up on your personal page or even create a business page to sell your stuff. There are a ton of garage sale and buy/sell groups out there.

Start with ones in your area. Go to the top of your Facebook page and click in the search box. Type (your city) buy/sell or (your city) Garage Sale. Most are open groups that you can just join and start posting. It’s that easy.

Some helpful tips:

  1. Take a picture. A good one. Maybe 2. Show the amazingness of your item you no longer want. Take a well lit picture in a room or in sunlight. They won’t buy it if they can’t tell what it is and they have to ask you.
  2. Price to sell. You want it out of your house. You’ve already used it. Price it to sell. Example: I had some tablets I no longer wanted. Priced them at $25 each. They all sold within 24 hours. Were they worth more? Probably. But I wanted them gone. And now they are and I’m $25 richer.
  3. Accurately describe what it is in the fewest words possible. Example: RCA 6″ tablet – factory reset. Good Condition. Comes with charging cord. And be honest. If there are a few dings or the screen is cracked – let people know. If your dog peed on the couch you’re trying to get rid of, let the public know.
  4. When you are contacted – pick a public spot to make the exchange. Walmart parking lots are my favorite. Lots of people around in case I need to scream.
  5. Do not take checks. You just never know. Always accept cash.

The rest is up to you. Now, there is no guarantee you’ll sell stuff. Heck, I have had craft things up on these groups for months that haven’t sold. I’ve also had things sell within 24 hours.

Have fun purging!

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