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When is the best time to start getting organized? Or more organized? A lot of people will tell you the first of the year. Brand new year, brand new you.

I disagree with this. Why wait until New Years? If you have kids, you’re in the middle of the school year and activities. This might work if you are single with no one but yourself to manage. But why wait? New Years is months away.

No, the best time to start getting organized is now. Right now. While you’re thinking about it. Why wait? You will never be more motivated than right now. I don’t mean you have to do everything right now. But start your planning. Do one thing today that will help you get more organized.

1. Make a list. I love lists. I love the feeling I get when I cross something off my list. A little bit of instant gratification and the release of endorphins.

2. Buy a planner. If you don’t want to use the calendar on your smartphone, buy a tactile planner. But – buy the right planner for you. My planners are designed for you. I will work with you to track what you want to track, how much space you need to keep track of appointments and what you need to jot down notes and to do lists. You can either purchase the whole kit (binder, daily pages, expansion pages) for $70 or you can purchase a custom daily spread that you can download Here.

3. Find an accountability partner. Nothing makes us work harder to better ourselves than someone who will motivate us (and maybe compete against). Trust me, competition works! I compete against friends to be the most organized person they will ever know. I even offer myself as an accountability partner.

4. Focus on one area first. Do you want a cleaner house? A less cluttered house? Maybe start putting your shoes away when you get home instead of kicking them off at the door where everyone can trip over them? No step is too small.

5. Start with a habit. It’s easier to keep one habit than try to implement multiple ones at once. Start with something simple – putting your shoes away (just an example – this is one of my worst habits). Wipe down your kitchen counters before bed. Exercise. Put your car keys on the hook next to the door. Pick one and focus on it. Once you can do this one task/habit without thinking about it, you can move to the next one. Practice equals success. If you need a habit tracker, I can make you one. Give yourself a gold star (or purple or whatever color you want or even a smiley face) every day you do this one thing. Gold stars work on behavior modification for children and they work for adults.

I want you to succeed. If you don’t know where to start, drop me an email. I’m more than happy to help you. That’s why I’m here.

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