Tools of the Trade – Frixion pens

One of the tools I use for my planner are Frixion Pens. They are erasable pens that just work! Seriously, I love them. I wanted something that I could erase if plans change, but pencil smudges. Regular gel pens don’t erase and I didn’t want to carry around white out tape.

Now, I wouldn’t use these pens for work (can’t have signatures disappearing in the heat – that would be bad). But they are great for every day.

They have a little silicon nub at the top which acts as your “eraser”. The ink disappears with friction (or heat). Seamstresses will use these for making lines on fabric to measure where to cut. Supposedly, when the erased ink cools down, the ink will reappear, but I haven’t seen that happen yet. And I started using my planner in December.

Seriously – I cannot recommend these enough. Especially if you have schedule changes. Or you misspell something. Or you don’t have the neatest of handwriting.

Great for personal use, but I wouldn’t use them for school (test taking) or on business documents. Perfect for planners and bullet journals.

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