What Is Your Best Life?

Yesterday I talked about living your best life. Your best life. Not what someone else thinks your life should be.

Too many times, we as teenagers and young adults see commercials about what we need in our life. After all, that’s what commercials are for. To sell you stuff you may or may not need. Companies spend millions of dollars (especially during the Super Bowl) to sell you things. Whether it is a sexy new website to chips to candy to cars. Really, the list goes on and on. And every single one of them, they portray how you should be living your best life. But is it really what you want?

I stopped watching live tv with the exception of my football games. I’m tired of companies shoving their perceptions down my throat. Without these outside influences, I feel I have more of a handle of what my best life can be. It isn’t living up to someone else’s standards. It’s living up to my own.

I get strange looks all the time at the dance studio. I’m usually sitting there with my knitting and working and when people ask me what I’m going to do when Josh leaves for college, or what I’m doing during the summer when he’s gone, I say I’m going knit or crochet. Or work on my business. Or buy a spinning wheel and learn to spin. Oh, the looks. They used to bother me. But not so much anymore. I see my life and where I want to take it.

I bought my house before I was 40. It isn’t a big, fancy house with a huge yard. I bought a townhouse so I wouldn’t have to worry about a lawn or weeding flowers (Thank you Homeowner’s Association). My house has a 3rd bedroom. Not because I needed a guest room. I wanted a yarn room. I built shelves in my yarn room to hold supplies and finished products to sell on my other website. I don’t do a lot of entertaining because this is my sanctuary. My place away from the world. I try to keep it neat and organized not because people are stopping by all the time. but because I like it neat and organized.

I am living my best life.

I get out once a week and hang with some ladies who share my interests in crafts. This is what I want to do with my life, and they understand it. They don’t judge.

I enter some of my best pieces in the State Fair to be judged on my technique. I get strange looks for this, too.

The strange looks I get just roll off my back like water off a duck. I’m living my best life and I don’t care what other people think. I’m not living their life. I’m living mine.

That’s what you need to do.  Live your life. Not someone else’s. What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you like to try new things? New foods? Go for it! Ignore the tv commercials and tv shows and movies that tell you how to live you life. You decide how your life is best suited for you. If that life isn’t working, change it. If you want to be more organized, I can help.

Only you can make yourself happy. Happiness comes from within.

Live your best life.

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